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QSI's customized core strategy portfolios are structured to provide clients with a comprehensive portfolio management process with convenient, reliable service and account transparency.

Efficiency. QSI's account opening process is relatively simple and allows Financial Professionals and their clients to develop a customized portfolio in a short period of time. Beginning with our Investment Policy Questionnaire, Financial Professionals and clients are better prepared to evaluate their current investment situation and create a proposal to meet their current and future financial needs.

ProfessionalManagement. QSI's core portfolio strategy provides a comprehensive portfolio management process, giving clients the benefits of a tailored investment plan with diversification across multiple asset classes and investment styles. Our core strategy approach gives clients the ability to manage the market ups and downs and stay on track with their stated investment objectives.

Customization. Each client portfolio is completely customized to meet the client's needs. A personalized Investment Policy Statement is developed for the client which takes into consideration not only market characteristics but also the investor's behavior to various market scenarios to better match the specific core portfolio to the client. Also, the IPS provides Financial Professional and their clients with documentation supporting all goals and implementation steps.

To learn more about how QSI's core strategy can help you, your business and your clients, please contact us today at info@qstrategiesinc.com

DISCLOSURES: QSI Inc acts as the Registered Investment Advisor for QSI Core Strategy Portfolios. Fidelity (member FINRA/SIPC) is the exclusive broker for these programs, for which it provides brokerage execution, processing and custody services. Investments in the QSI Portfolios involve investment risk, including possible loss of principal amount invested. Investment return and principal value will fluctuate so that the investment, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than the original investment.

QSI has approved client marketing pieces to assist you in telling the Core Strategy story.

Tell the Core Strategy Story in three simple steps - from beginning, middle to end using the Fact Sheet, Keep it Simple, and Portfolio Allocation. Tactical Moves.

The Fact Sheet illustrates the core strategy story: prudent management, balance and diversification;
Keep it Simple, builds on that piece illustrating how both taxes and investment costs impact your returns so do not disregard those factors when choosing your underlying investments; thirdly,
Portfolio Allocation.Tactical Moves, by monitoring and evaluating the portfolio and making tactical shifts, clients can potentially have a more consistent, long term investment experience.